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Must be 18 or older to play.  KY Gaming Org 0001610

While there have been many changes this year, we are trying to make this as similar as possible to years past.  Please bear with us as we try to make this as smooth as possible for all.  Please note these important things below:

 1.  We have added the dates of the races to the descriptions.  There are now multiple $25 and $75 races open.  If you would like your ducks spread out, please select one duck from each race.

2.  Unfortunately this year, it is not possible to pick the number of your duck.  We will send out a text before the race begins in order to tell you your number.  If you wish to name your $300 Duck, please contact Brynne Wesselman.

3.  If you would prefer to pay cash or check, we will be selling ducks after each of the weekend Masses leading up to the races.  If you are not able to be at Mass, please email Brynne Wesselman at bwesselman@saint-timothy.org to purchase a duck.

Races will be held virtually each Saturday in October after 4:30 PM Mass.  Up to 20 ducks per race sold.  Ducks cost:

$25 wins up to $250
$75 wins up to $750
$125 wins up to $1,250
$200 wins up to $2,000
$300 wins up to $3,000


Rubber ducks race around the Ducky Derby track.  In all races up to and including the $200 race, the first duck to cross the finish line wins.  If your duck wins, you split the pot with St. Timothy Parish. 


In the $300 Duck Race, 5 ducks will be eliminated each week with the Grand Finale of the 5 remaining ducks being held on October 24th.

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