Who can participate?

Anyone over 21 years old! Your friends, family, your friend from South Dakota, even dog (if he knows how to use a mobile phone).

When is the silent auction open?

The silent auction will open 3 days before the live event, on Wednesday, November 11th at 10:00am.

When does the silent auction close?

The silent auction will close at the end of the live event, on Friday, November 13th at 4:00pm.

How does the silent auction work?

We will be using mobile bidding during the event. You will be able to use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to keep up with the status of your bids and continue bidding until the auction closes. You can be the winning bidder wherever you are in the world!

How do I participate in the online bidding auction?

Get started online through this auction page. Just click the "Sponsorship Opportunities" or "Register To Participate" buttons on the homepage and enter your name, phone number, and email. Credit card information is required to bid.

Can I participate in bidding without purchasing a sponsorship package?

Yes! If you would only like to bid on items, but not attend the event (virtually or in person) you may still register for the auction.

How do I start and continue my bidding?

Browse the Silent Auction and start bidding on your favorite items! Place your bid on selected items, set a maximum bid if desired, and Givesmart will continue to keep you in the running until you reach your maximum bid.

How can I keep active and know if I am outbid or have won an item?

You will be notified via text if you have been outbid. Keep an eye on your favorite items! If you are NOT receiving the text messages make sure you have the correct mobile number under your profile. The texts will continue to notify you when you have been outbid or reached your maximum bid. When the silent auction closes, you will also receive a text message if you won any items. 

How will I collect my winnings?

Auction winners are required to make payment immediately after the auction closes. All auction items are currently being stored at the Casco Contractors office and items can be mailed or picked up following the auction.