Camp Lakeview has been a part of my life for 34 years!  In 1986 I was a counselor at Camp Lakeview.  In addition to being the cabin counselor for Delaware, I was the designated "waterfront director" and song leader.  I learned so much that summer about myself and my faith. 

Years later, we brought my neices, nephews, and my own children to Camp Lakeview where they had great experiences.  I stayed at camp for LWML meetings and school retreates.  Over the years, we have witnessed God do amazing things with this camp.  I continue to enjoy camp as my school brings kids each year (even 2020!) for Outdoor Education.  Our middle school kids treasure this time away from school with their friends, but even more importantly, they experience God in a different way. God provides this great experience for so many through Camp Lakeview.  

This camp is invaluable.  Without summer camp and events, it will have stuggles.  It would seem it couldn't survive.  But with God all things are possible.  We are all chipping in to help.  Even a little bit helps!   Could you give to help keep this ministry alive?  

Linda Waggoner