Treebeard's Camp Fundraiser!!

Well hi! hello! Thank you for clicking on that link! My name is Devin "Treebeard" Clausen. I had the amazing honor of serving on the Lakeview Villages Summer Staff as a High Ropes Coordinator for two years. Camp is a special place that means so much to a lot of people and because of the unexpected events surrounding COVID-19, it needs a little help from us this year.


The "Lakeview Champions" campaign is a great initiative that is taking place throughout the month of November. I'll be periodically setting goals and initiatives to raise money as well as streaming live on Twitch at throughout the month with 100% of proceeds going towards this amazing cause!

Let's do some amazing things together and spread some Lakeview Love.


In Christ,

Treebeard :)

Devin Clausen