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Hi!  I am Jessi "Chowda" Amt.  First off, thanks for visiting my page!  I am excited to be able to support  Camp through the impact that 2020 has had on it and on those that love it.  

Quick back story, I grew up going to camp.  I was a camper since we could start which was after 2nd grade and through my summer after 9th grade.  The same summer that was my last as a camper was also my first as a volunteer Junior Counselor.  From there I volunteered as much as they would let me through the summers of high school.  Once I had the opportunity to be a Counselor for the full summer I jumped at the chance.  I was the Counselor of Chippewa in both 2004 and 2005 and loved every minute of it.  

Camp means so much to me and who I have become.  Those weeks as a camper were some of the best weeks as a kid in the summer.  The chance to grow friendships, learn and grow in Christ, and have the most fun ever is a chance I would never give up.  It was only topped by the opportunity to be on the Full Time Staff and have an even greater impact.  My friendships with both counselors and campers has continued throughout the years.  I have also gotten the chance to spend tiny tike weekends with nieces and nephews.  It is amazing to see them grow and love camp like I did as a kid!

I know that if you have experienced Lakeview Ministries, then you have felt this same way.  I strive to continue to give to camp to enable other kids to participate in the experience.  Thank you for reading a little bit about me and THANK YOU if you choose and are able to give.  

Chowda :)

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