Hi Everybody!! my name is tut and I served at camp as a counselor on the village side in 2018 and 2019. I also served as the junior staff/first aid/crafts/lifeguard(you know how camp goes, all hands on deck) this summer at day camp!  I have seen God work in so many crazy ways. He has truly used this place, this ministry to change my life for the better. I hope that you donate and continue to make this place, a place for you!! For every dollar donated I will share my favorite memory from camp. for every 2 dollars I will do 5 burpees. for every 5 dollars I will crack an egg on my head. for every 10 dollars I will do a blind taste test (my roommates are crazy, so you're in for a treat). for every 20 dollars I will give you a shoutout on social media and share my favorite memory with you!!

Hannah Wever