Running for COVID Relief

Hi! My name is AJ Goecker and I am a 14 time camper and current summer staff member at Camp Lakeview. My goal is collect donations per mile that I run in the month of March to raise money for Lakeview Ministries (See below for more info). All proceeds will go towards easing the financial burden Covid-19 has placed on Camp Lakeview, my second home. Camp has been a part of my life every single summer since I was in the tiny tyke program. The hundreds of friends I have made at camp have provided me with innumerable laughs and memories, countless role models that inspire me spiritually and physically, and messages about God's love, forgiveness, and sacrifice that I will never forget. I want to give back at least a fraction of what this place has given me so that it can continue to be a vessel for God's Word for thousands of kids to come.


My goal is to run between 275 and 325 miles this month. As low as a penny per mile would be roughly $3.00 at the end of the month. One time donations are more than appreciated too! Any amount helps! 

FINAL AMOUNT: 320 miles in March

You can contact me if you are willing to donate per mile at or (812) 871-2525. I will be posting weekly mileage updates from a run-tracking website called Strava on this page . At the end of the month I will contact you and let you know how many miles I managed to cover along with the link to this page.


Thank You!

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Week 1 Mileage

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