Help Me Support Lakeview Ministries

Lakeview has been my summer home for much of my life. From second grade through my Sophmore year in college, I spent part of each summer swimming in the lake, singing camp songs, meeting new people, and most importantly learning more about my savior Jesus Christ. No matter what turn my life took or where I thought my life was headed, camp was always a consistent place where I knew I would be welcomed and feel at home. Through the staff, campers, and environment, I was able to grow in relationship with the Lord and rest in the sanctuary that is Lakeview Ministries. While this is just one place where we can grow in faith and learn more about God, Camp Lakeview and Lakeview Villages have played a large part in making me into the Christian man I am today. Due to COVID-19 and the inability to have a full summer camp this past year, this place I love and have grown in could really use some help. If you too have loved camp, want to help camp, or simply have the funds to support a place that I love and have grown from, please prayerfully consider supporting Lakeview Ministries on this page. Thank you for your time and support! God bless you all!

David Hussung
David Ederheimer
Sherry Ederheimer