Erin Bauer

So many of my favorite memories are from Camp Lakeview. I spent a week every summer there that I could as a camper, three cycles as a junior staffer, and then 3 full summers as a summer staff member- that's when I became "Erma." Camp Lakeview was so formative to me. I spent time outside exploring God's creation, acted silly far beyond what is socially acceptable in the "real world", made lifelong friends, and, most importantly, taught campers about Jesus' love for them. I want to help Lakeview Ministries spread the love of Christ to children and continue their amazing programs in Summer 2021, by raising money to overcome the great deficit they are facing after cancelling Summer programming during 2020. Jesus is still Lord and will help Lakeview Ministries "weather the storm." To God be all glory!

Paige Snyder
Andrea Martin