Help Ally Support Lakeview Ministries

Hi! My name is Ally Pickering and I'm currently a sophomore at Purdue University! 

Since I was old enough for sleepaway camps, going to camp Lakeview was the highlight of my summer. It was a place where I could escape the pressures of the world and focus on building connections with others and with God. The drive to camp was always the longest hour of my life, as soon as we hit those windy roads lined with lush trees my twin sister, Elyse, and I were nearly bouncing out of our seats. Once our car reached the hill leading to camp, I'm convinced that we would've gone right through the roof of our car if it wasn't for our seatbelts. Every summer, for one glorious week, we got to experience a little oasis of heaven on earth. Being at camp, it's impossible not to see God in the scenery and also all the loving staff.

And it's not just me who can't get enough of Camp Lakeview! Every year hundreds of crazy campers pack up their bags for a week of fun and faith. Having had the pleasure as serving for a few terms as a junior counselor, I can assure you that this current generation of kiddos loves camp just as much as I do.

This past summer, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Lakeview Ministries is in need of our support! My personal goal is to raise $500 dollars for camp (enough money to support one kid for a week at camp). Any donation is greatly appreciated and will be used to sustain Lakeview Ministries, allowing many to enjoy the treasure of camp for years to come!