Serving people of all faiths throughout northeast Wisconsin for more than 100 years.


As Missionary Disciples, Catholic Charities labors in our communities inviting and serving those who have often been left out or felt alone to know and experience the tremendous and abundant love of God through His Son Jesus Christ. Faithful to the teachings of the Church in the areas of social justice, we stand with the poor, advocate for life, and break down barriers of injustice.


Enhanced Service Delivery Model

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Green Bay is working to increase the number of people served each year from approximately 4,200 currently to 10,000 by 2025. This involves adapting to a new service delivery model where we work alongside existing community resources and parish communities. We want to be a partner at the table side-by-side with parishes, ministry groups, apostolates, and community organizations that share our vision for bringing important and much needed services and resources to a greater number of people. We know we can't do this alone and that we need to bring more disciples along with us to be the hands and feet of Christ.

Already taking place through a pilot program in seven counties in the northern part of our diocese, we're connecting with community members to hear about their needs and how they would like to address them. Catholic Charities will take the lead on certain things, like professional services, that we can provide through our credentialed, trained, and experienced professional staff in areas such as budget counseling and mental health. Our staff are able to train volunteers within the communities who may have some experience and interest in those services.

We're also working on creating an integrated crisis model to help people in times of need, such as a barn fire or the closing of a major manufacturing business that leaves people unemployed. People are going to need some financial assistance, some sort of counseling. They may need food to get through the month. They may need help paying their mortgage. We are going to build a community base to help support the people who are going through that crisis, whatever it looks like.

We asked the Holy Spirit to lead us into an enhanced service delivery model, one that can bring this lifeline of hope to more people throughout northeastern Wisconsin. With your help and support, Catholic Charities will be present in greater ways to those who seek adoption and family support services, immigration services and mental and financial health counseling. Together, we are able to serve all people by bringing them healing and peace.


Our Programs & Services

  • Adoption Services - Our mission is to help birth parents create adoption or parenting plans that respect and celebrate their decision to choose life. We are also there to provide supportive services to biological parents for as long as services are requested. We also work with prospective adoptive parents. People want to adopt for different reasons, often having struggled with infertility for a time or coming to a point where they want to provide a nurturing, permanent home to a child. Our adoption staff assist prospective adoptive parents with every step in the domestic or international adoption process from assessment and approval to post adoption.
  • Counseling & Treatment Services - When life has become overwhelming and thoughts turn dark, many individuals have turned to our Mental Health Services, which provide professional individual, family, and group therapy. This past year, even during a national pandemic, we leaned on telehealth and completed more than 4,000 mental health counseling sessions.
  • Financial Health Services - Many individuals and families caught in the trap of debt and driven to the edge of poverty are taught strategies to manage their resources through our Financial Health Services. This program also assists those who have struggled long and hard to deal with the realization that they may lose their homes to foreclosure and need to file bankruptcy.
  • Immigrant & Refugee Services - We are all called to welcome the stranger. Many refugee and immigrant families with no place to turn become engaged in our parent education, immigration and outreach services, and support that helps them become self-sufficient.
  • Living Justice - The Office of Living Justice serves the needs of the community by raising awareness about issues of injustice and attacks on human dignity and applying the wisdom of the Church to these issues. By sharing our faith in Jesus Christ and the principles of Catholic Social Teaching, we strive to inspire people to develop creative and life-giving responses to injustice in our community - locally, nationally, and globally. Through education, advocacy, collaboration, and communication, we work to address the systemic issues that contribute to injustice in our society and to be a voice for those whose voices are often silenced.