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Landscape Painting

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"Sunrise in the Garden" - Oil on Canvas, 30" x 40"

Mike looks at the world differently. His sweeping landscapes and broad, colorful strokes are motivated by the Impressionists of the past, Monet, Van Gogh, Renoir, and Picasso, viewing the world through the same non-traditional lens. Mike is enthralled by how light flows through nature. In his art, Mike explores and employs light to create drama -- deep shadows and intense highlights. Coupled with light, he looks for the awe in nature -- majestic purple mountains in the morning, rays streaming through the trees, brilliant sunsets gushing against thunderous storm clouds.
Mike's artwork is currently being featured in the Alvarez Art School's Fakes and Forgeries Art Show in Colorado Springs ( Mike's art can also be viewed on, or on his website: Mike lives with his wife in Colorado Springs, where the majestic Pike's Peak watches overhead.

Artist's Statement: "Sunrise in the Garden is a portrayal of the sun's early light penetrating the massive sandstone slabs of the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The sunlight burns orange and pink on the rock's edges, while the morning rays bounce reflections through and around the sandstone. Although the Garden of the Gods is orange-colored from a distance, its sedimentary structures beam with cool greens and blues, and vivid pinks and whites. Through the use of perspective, the most intense colors appear closest to the viewer, while faded pastel colors form the faded background scenery. The shadows define the intricate details in the massive vertical sentinels. The overall panorama displays its brilliant colors and wondrous architecture - the awe of nature."

Artist - Michael Russel

PLEASE NOTE - This oil painting was completed recently and needs time to dry before delivery. Estimated delivery date is mid-March - you'll be contacted by the Chorale office when it's ready!

Donated By Michael Russel