How to Pre-Order a Pizza Instructions

1. Click the "Order Pizza" Button


2. Make your selection and enter quantity of pizza(s) to pre-order

Medium 2 Topping Pizza -$10
Large 2 Topping Pizza - $12
--->Click the "Next" Button


3. Complete Purchaser Information (i.e. Name, Cell #, Email, Address)

--->Click the "Save and Continue" Button


4. Complete the Attendee Step (i.e. this is where you get to select pizza toppings)

If ordering multiple pizzas, make sure to click on the next Attendee name box and fill in your first name followed by last name with a corresponding pizza number. For example, if your name is Roland Brown and you order 2 pizzas. Pizza #1 would be Roland Brown & Pizza #2 would be Roland Brown2.

In the screenshot below, notice this is Roland Brown's second pizza. First Name: Roland Last Name: Brown2 or (First Name  & Last Name+Pizza Number). If a 3rd or 4th pizza are ordered, then type in your last name followed by the corresponding pizza number. 

IF ordering just a plain cheese pizza, THEN select "None" for Topping Choice 1 and "None" for Topping Choice 2. See Screenshot below.

--->Click the "Next" Button


5. Checkout: Add your credit card information 

--->Click the "Pay" button.