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This Is CCA Louisiana

Our Story

CCA Louisiana began in 1983 after drastic commercial overfishing along the

Louisiana coast decimated redfish and speckled trout populations.

Since then, we've dedicated ourselves to preserving and restoring fish populations for the generations to come.


What We Do

Dollars raised at our banquet will stay in Louisiana to help fund our habitat, conservation, and advocacy programs. Through our advocacy work and the support of over 23,000 CCA members we were able to assist in one of the most significant updates to America's saltwater fishing regulations in more than 40 years, The Modern Fish Act.

Through our habitat restoration projects we have installed many marsh-building floating islands projects and numerous artificial fishing reefs which create new habitat for fish and help restore our coastal estuaries.


Our marsh-building floating islands projects involve today's youth and teaches the
importance of conservation with a fun, hands-on experience.


Our Outreach Program is designed to entertain, excite and intrigue youth and adults about recreational fishing and the conservation of our marine resources. Contact Ryan Guerin to schedule your Outreach presentation.

Hosted By

Coastal Conservation Association Louisiana


Lamar Dixon Expo Center, South Saint Landry Avenue, Gonzales, LA, USA

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