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Fitness and social connection are critical to breast cancer recovery, and that recovery is a journey that does not halt in the wake of a global pandemic. Your tax-deductible gift today helps our team of determined survivors stay healthy and connected, no matter what social distance separates us.

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Coming in 2021!

February: Embracing the Power of Athleticism 

Listen in as our all-female panel of coaches, referees and Olympic athletes discusses the importance of empowering women through athleticism and the evolution of their role in organized sport. 

March: ROW Erg-A-Thon

Row, run or ride to help us complete the 1,448,410 meters around Ireland! Along the way, you'll help us raise funds to support our operations and discover how ROW is contributing to the evolution of virtual fitness and community groups. 

Questions about sponsorship? Contact Executive Director Maggie Dwyer.

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