Dave Kearon

Dave Kearon

Director of Adult Services, Autism Speaks


Mr. Inevitable Goes to Work

In the past five years, leading companies committed to growing diverse and inclusive workplace cultures have expanded their efforts to recruit, hire and welcome employees with autism and related conditions. In this presentation, Valerie Paradiz and David Kearon of Autism Speaks provide data, case examples, and information about this untapped talent pool, as well as research-based practices and programs designed to help companies join the neurodiversity at work movement.

Dave Kearon BIO

Dave Kearon is the Director of Adult Services at Autism Speaks. In this role, Dave's work focuses on national initiatives promoting solutions for the needs of individuals with autism and their families across the spectrum and throughout the lifespan. Dave works to increase the quality and quantity of opportunities and resources available to youth and adults with autism related to the transition to adulthood, employment, housing and residential supports, postsecondary education and community integration.

Dave's work in recent years has included the development of an autism-led corporate employment consultancy, an online job search tool for autistic job seekers, and an autism small business accelerator. Current initiatives include the development of digital, interactive developmental pathways for the transition to adulthood, as well as a larger employment collaboration with other nonprofits for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities called Delivering Jobs.