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Welcome to NCCJ's 2020 Human Relations Awards 

We are so glad you are here to celebrate our 2020 Honorees as they advocate for equity and inclusion throughout our communities and workplaces. Be sure to secure your tickets, sponsorships or ad space early to ensure you have access to our live stream site! Make yourself a cocktail (or mocktail!), put on your favorite outfit and celebrate with NCCJ! You will receive the link to access our live stream site after your registration is complete.

6:00PM EST - Virtual Cocktails for a Cause

Join us early for a special virtual networking session filled with fun games, activities and opportunities to participate in casual discussions or conversations that are focused on a specific social justice topic.

6:30PM EST - Live Stream Event Begins


To learn more about our 2020 Honorees, click their names below.

Eric and Patricia Daniels

The Honorable Barbara Hackman Franklin

Floyd W. Green III

Barbara Roth

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