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Welcome to the Saint Agnes Smile & Miles Run/Walk 2020

in honor of Maria Schaffstein


Family Frog Hop Challenge in honor of Katie Stewart. 


We are excited to host this opportunity to support our church/school community. 

This year we are hosting the Saint Agnes Smiles & Miles 5K Run/Walk from our own homes, streets, and neighborhoods. In the midst of these unprecedented times, we are still committed to honor the memories of Maria Schaffstein and Katie Stewart. 

Here are the most common questions you might have about this year's event, our first "Virtual Race"!

Smiles and Miles Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is a virtual race and how does it work?  A virtual race can be run or walked anywhere, indoors or out.  Register at www.Smiles20.givesmart.com complete the distance between Friday September 11, through Sunday,September 20, 2020.  Everyone (old, young, fast and slow) is invited to participate.  You do not have to be in the NKY area, share with all friends and family to support the students of Saint Agnes School!

2. How do I track and report my distance/ time?  The results are reported on the honor system, we trust you.  Track the distance in a way that is best for you.  Feel free to use a GPS watch, Fitness App on your phone or a map.  Once completed, submit it to us through the Facebook page (Smiles & Miles - Maria Schaffstein 5K) or via email smilesandmiles5k@gmail.com.  Photos are welcomed.  If you report via email and would not like for your name to posted on social media, please let us know, we respect your wishes.  Once your results are submitted you will be registered for a prize drawing.

3. What if I participate in multiple events?  The total distance of the 5K must be completed at one time.  If you, or your family, would like to participate in both the Smiles and Miles 5K and the Frog Hop Family Challenge, your miles logged for the 5K can count towards the completion of the Frog Hop.  


1. How do I register?  Go to www.Smiles20.givesmart.com for the full list of events.  Choose from Individual or Family 5K event and click through the prompts to complete the required information.  You can register for both the 5K and Frog Hop Family Challenge.  

2. How many people can be included in my family group?  We ask that family groups for the 5K event be limited to 5 individuals.

3. Bibs?  Because this is a virtual event that will be self-timed and reported, we will not have race bibs this year.  If you would like to create your own bib, please feel free.  Make sure that it is included in the picture you submit or post.  We want to see how creative you are.  

Pick up

1. How do I pick up my packet?

How do I participate in the Family Frog Hop Challenge??


As a family complete 10 miles of activity between September 11 -20.

The rules are simple, every member of the family should walk, run or bike (for the little ones) 10 miles over 10 days.  Record your progress as you go.  Fill in the frogs on the form for each mile completed.  After you have completed your 10th mile, either post a picture on the on the Smiles & Miles- Maria Schaffstein 5K Facebook page or send a note to the Smiles and Miles email address and be recognized.

Have fun with this time together.  

  •  Play I Spy or a nature scavenger hunt, 
  • Play "pass the story" where everyone has a turn creating a portion of a story for the
  • Share what you see in the clouds
  • Talk about the best part of you day.  

This event can run concurrently with the Smiles and Miles Virtual 5K.  If you sign up for the 5K as a family, you have a 3.1 mile hop into your challenge.  

If you purchase a t-shirt separately, it can be worn on Spirit Wear days and especially when we recognize all of the participants of the event at a school mass in December.  

Any questions, please email smilesandmiles5k@gmail.com

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Saint Agnes School

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