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The Iola Car Show is more than just a car show and swap meet.

It's a tradition. It's a legacy. Built by all of you.

This legacy is threatened by today's climate. By now, the impacts of the COVID virus have been felt and are continuing to have a presence in everyday life. It wasn't just a car show that was cancelled. It was a family reunion that was cancelled.... and that family reunion brings in hundreds of thousands of dollars to local organizations. With over 3,000 volunteers each year, the car show gives back to so many communities.

The fire department's new equipment, the Iola Car Show helped purchase that. The school's new bleachers, the Iola Car Show helped buy those. The church's new renovations, Iola Car Show helped fund that.


We are not just simply a car show. We are a community fundraiser that needs your help so we can continue to help others. Consider donating that welder that's been sitting in the garage. Surprise the wife with the trip she didn't know you were planning. Get the grand kids that experience package that will create memories for a lifetime. In this season of uncertainty, be certain about one thing - Iola Car Show will survive another year with your help.

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