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On the Frontlines of Alzheimer's and COVID-19

Why your support matters during this difficult time

Over the past several months, we've been monitoring the impact Coronavirus has had on the population the Alzheimer's Association most closely serves--those living with dementia. Caregivers are reaching out to the Association in even greater numbers for help, from having to explain to their loved ones why normal routines have been interrupted to dealing with new levels of social isolation and not being able to see loved ones in long term care facilities. 

Why your support matters right now


Because of this need, the Alzheimer's Association is seeing record attendance at dial-in and online programs and services as well as an uptick in 24/7 Helpline call volume. We have been working diligently to meet these needs through increased virtual programming and counseling and doing it with diminished staff capacity.

Serving Michigan families since the onset of COVID-19

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