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The Front Runner of Turning Print into Sound - A Virtual Triple Crown Celebration of the Talking Information Center

August 02, 2020 - October 02, 2020 11:00 pm

The stakes are high -

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$30,000 Goal


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Human connection matters.

At TIC, we read over 322 publications to individuals who are blind or living with low vision each week. Donate now to help us offset the subscription costs of these publications.

  • $30 is the average cost of TIC's 89 magazine subscriptions
  • $100 helps cover the cost of Massachusetts-based newspapers
  • $200 helps cover the cost of national newspaper subscriptions
  • $650 underwrites a Weekly broadcast, 6 months.

Foster inclusion & independence.

No gift of generosity is too small to make a difference.

Raffle is a go!!

Purchase Raffle Tickets above. Raffle tickets may be purchased though October 1.

Tune In Friday, October 2, 6:15PM - 8PM Triple Crown Radio Show Celebration Auction Closes at 8PM, Friday October 2

               Candy O'Terry with microphone  John Turco photo

With Co-host Candy O'Terry, Boston's beloved radio voice!  With Co-host and talented comedian John Turco!                                      Special Guest: musician Abigail Vail. 

Listen for the live drawing of $9,000 of Cash Raffle Winners, and inspiring mission moments! 

 RAFFLE PRIZES: ONE @ $5,000, TWO @ $1,000, FOUR @ $500                 LUCKY 7 CHANCES TO WIN!

Purchase Raffle Tickets above. Raffle tickets may be purchased though October 1.


Thank you for your generosity to keep TIC broadcasts free and accessible for our listeners living with blindness/ low vision.                       Special thanks to Co-hosts Candy O'Terry and John Truco, Special Guest Abigail Vail and all our Sponsors:                              Tiny & Sons Auto Glass, VERC Enterprises, WATD 95.9FM, MCTV and the Lions Clubs!

"Really, it is such a lovely thing for them to do, to help the people that need to be helped. I can't say enough for it (TIC). I love it so much!"

Photo of listener using computer Photo of listener using TIC receiver

Photos of TIC listeners grateful for YOUR support  - listening by computer and by free TIC receiver.

Since 1978, Talking Information Center's (TIC) mission has been to provide human-voiced broadcasts of local news, articles and items of interest to visually impaired and otherwise disabled listeners throughout Massachusetts to promote independence and enrich quality of life.

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Talking Information Center
Question? Please contact Jill The Donation Total on this page reflects current donations paid, including Insta-Items, but not the bidding activity of the silent auction. Thank you!

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