How does the Auction work?

  • The auction will be Live from 12:00PM Wednesday, August 12th - 9:00PM Friday, August 28th. 
  • During this time you can browse the available items, mark items as your favorites to keep an eye on, place bids, place auto bids, and share with friends. You will receive updates throughout the auction based on the activity of items you have placed bids on. 
  •  Once the auction has closed, all winners will be notified, and cards on file will be charged. Make sure the card you registered with is the one you would like to use for your item purchases. You can go to My Info to update your account information at any time. 
  • Each winner will receive a detailed receipt with winning item information as well item amount totals. If you paid over value for any of your items, it also be noted on your receipt. Any paid over value amounts are eligible for a tax deduction, so keep your receipt handy for your taxes. 
  • Winners will receive an email with details on how to sign up for a pick up date and time so they can collect their items. Please bring your receipt with you for pick up. 



How to Bid 

Once you have completed a registration on the campaign, you will receive the welcome text message, linking you to the items to browse, bid or buy.

  1. Click on the Blue link in the Welcome text to be directed to the Items page.
  2. View Items by category or search by Item number or name.
  3. Click the item of interest to view the description as well as the current bid and or price.
  4. The system will auto-populate the bid amount based on the set increment for the item. Choose to bid at the set amount or higher.
  5. Click Bid.


How to Place an Auto Bid
Allow the system to automatically bid up to a designated amount for you. The system will bid incrementally up to the amount designated as long as someone else places a bid against you. If no one bids against your Auto Bid, the price remains the same.

  1. Click the item of interest 
  2. Click the Auto Bid Tab
  3. Enter in the maximum amount you would like to bid
  4. Click Bid. 


Click Here for video for how online bidding works!