Why BAA's High Needs Students Need and Deserve Your Support

At BAA and BAAF, we believe that talent is equally distributed throughout the City of Boston, but opportunity is not. 17% of BAA's 477 artist-scholars have a documented disability, which may include a specific learning disability, emotional impairment, health impairment, communication, or sensory challenges. In addition, up to 35% of BAA's freshmen enter BAA reading below grade level. Many students struggle with anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.

Contributions to the Boston Arts Academy Foundation Endowed Fund for Full Inclusion from friends like you will ensure that high-needs BAA students acquire the knowledge, skills, and support they need to share their talents with the world. This includes graduating from high school and being accepted to college.

About the Full Inclusion Fund

BAAF has proudly launched the Boston Arts Academy Foundation Endowed Fund for Full Inclusion in Honor of BAA, Anne Rogers Clark, and Sean Quinn Curran. This campaign will raise $500,000 by June 30, 2021.

Over 10 years, contributions to this fund will be fully spent to provide targeted interventions, professional development for faculty and clinicians, as well as classroom-based support. This is a "spend-down" down fund at the discretion of BAA's Head of School and the President of BAAF.

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Are you interested in joining our Host Committee with a commitment of donating or securing $10,000 or more? Please see Host Committee section below for more information, or contact Laura Alpert, Vice President of Philanthropy, Boston Arts Academy Foundation, at lalpert@baafdn.org or (617) 513-3601.

Campaign Chair

Pamela D.A. Reeve


Fund Honorees

Anne Rogers Clark

Boston Arts Academy's Head of School

"The purpose of BAAF's Full Inclusion Fund is to make sure BAA will always be a caring and supportive community for all of its students. That's why it's so important, and why my family and I are proud to support it."


Sean Quinn Curran

Boston Arts Academy Foundation Board Secretary and
Co-Chair of the Building Our Future Campaign

"Students who succeed in the world add to our quality of life as they make meaningful contributions to society."

Host Committee Members

Anonymous (2)
American Tower Foundation
The Boger Family
Charles and Virginia Clark
The Curran Family
Delta Dental
Thomas J. Dunlap
Joseph Flynn
Joseph Hanley
Liberty Mutual Foundation
Paul Melvin
The Monks Clark Family
Frances Sykes Moyer
Betsy and Gary Nabel
Peter Palandjian and Eliza Dushku
Ellen M. Poss
Pamela D.A. Reeve
Richard Rudman
Katherine Chapman Stemberg and William J. Schnoor, Jr.
Jim Supple
Tyrone Sutton 


About the Host Committee

Members of the Host Committee commit to donating or securing $10,000 or more to support the BAAF Fund for Full Inclusion.

To learn more about the Full Inclusion Fund Host Committee, please contact Laura Alpert, Vice President of Philanthropy, Boston Arts Academy Foundation, at lalpert@baafdn.org or (617) 513-3601.


Matthew Acella
Thomas Acella
Nicole Adkins
James Ahern
Jennifer Adler and Seth Albaum
Randy Albelda
Laura Alpert and Peter Perry, Jr.
Eileen Amy
Bruce Ayers
Jennifer Azzara
David Barash
Archan Basu and Madeline Wang
Nancy Bauer
Kevin Bauman
Jonathan Beauchesne
Valerie Becker-Nogueira
Steven Benson
Berkshire Bank
Jon Blumenthal
Rochelle Borg
Neathery and Jason Brenzel
Kelly Brilliant
Eryn Brown
Bonnie Brugger
Emily Bryan
Christopher Burns
Sheila Campbell
Michelle Carlo
Ilene Carver
Maha Chourafa
Steve Connolly
Margaret Cornish
Patrick Cutter
Jane Deery
John Donovan
Ann Drake
Charles Drakos
Michael Duclos
Enid Eckstein and Richard Monks
Wayne Edwards
Mary Eich
Gerlinde Endl
Katherine Fallow
Erin Farley
John Farley
Catherine Fenollosa
Stefan Frey
Laura Gassner Otting and Jonathan Otting
Ayla Gavins
Josue Gomez
Sidney Greeley
Gregory Groover, Jr.
Katherine Gross
Mary Frances Gydus
Winston Han
Amanda Hanna
James Harmon
Lona and Neil Harris
Arthur Hilliard
John Hilliard
Nicole Haughey
Tom and Sonja Hout
Larry and Myechia Jordan
Alicia Kersten
Paulina Kozak
Patricia Krol
David Lank
Evan Lank
Deena Leibman
Mark Lev
Bruce Levine
Reggie Lewis, Jr, Reggiena S. Lewis, and Donna M. Harris-Lewis
Peter Li
Peter Lloyd and Helen Waters
Suzanne Loughlin
Jennier Lourie
Kathy and Richard Lowe
David Lurie
Joseph Manning
Amy Madanick and Casandra McIntyre
Ron Mallis
Stephen Mathieu
Gordan MacNevin
Indi McCasey
Susan McConathy
Michael McDonald
Michael McNally
Bill Mead
Jeanne Melvin
John Melvin
Kathleen Melvin
Mike Melvin
Paul Melvin
Timothy Melvin
Steven Meyers
Leila Cohan Miccio
Michael Milligan
Christopher Mitchell
Jeffrey Mitchell
Michelle Mobley
Sara Monestime
John P. Monks, Jr.
Kayla Monks
Maureen Monks
Tom Monks
Joe Mo
Deatrice S. Moore
Patrick Moriarty
Thomas Moriarty
Catherine Morris
James Murphy
Priya Natarajan
Jane Nevin
Timothy O'Keeffe
Faith and Glenn Parker
Joan E. Parker
Deval and Diane Patrick
Jon Piebenga
Isabel Phillips
Greg Powers
Karen Price
Matt Purtell
Joel Pyser
Glenn Rader
Matt Rafuse
JoAnn Santiago
Rebecca Shaw
Ani Sipos
Peter and Suzanne Read
Cassandra Reese
Gerard Riveron
Michael Ryan
Sue Rock Tully
Cynthia R. Rohmer
James Rowan
Patrick Singleton
Robin Socol and Max Leiserson
Kimberly Stamler
Jan Steenbrugge
Tyler Summers
Pam Talbot
Audrey Trevino
Janetis Vassiliades
David Wallenstein
Richard Weissbourd
Susan Werbe
Jerry Wheelock and Elizabeth Wood (P'20)
Cassie Wichlenski
Robert Williams
Katelyn Winning
Susan Winning
The Winterer Family
Ellen and Peter Zane


Boston Arts Academy Foundation
Denella J. Clark, President

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