Nyumbani Entrepreneurship Center


The Entrepreneurship Center at Nyumbani Home helps support the HIV+ graduates of the Home as they move from life in the orphanage to independent living. The Center was created in 2019.  The objective was to help graduates transition from the Nyumbani Home into the Kenyan culture, which may be a new and confidence challenging event. These young men and women benefit substantially from the financial, social, and emotional backing received at the Center as they try to assimilate into society. For graduates pursuing additional education, the Center staff act as liaisons with school administration staff. 

Most importantly, the Entrepreneurship Center serves as a capstone and provides help with job search skills and employer connections. Since employment is always difficult to find, many of the graduates must start their own small enterprises, selling vegetables, raising livestock, designing ladies accessories, painting greeting cards, etc. The Entrepreneurship Officer at the Center provides training and support for these efforts. When conditions for the graduates become desperate, and their health is at risk, the Center steps in with food and rent support, which has been an essential resource during this time of COVID.  

Below are more photos of recent graduates!