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We urgently need your help in order to continue assisting children impacted by a brain injury. Please consider making a donation now.

Statistically, Christmas time is one of the single largest windows of giving every year. While we hope that this year is no different, we are unable to wait until December because our families are needing immediate help. This is where you can make a huge impact for these families in need! We need Christmas in July in order to fulfill these grants and keep offering services that our families rely on ? your donation today will get us even closer to hitting our $100,000 goal! No gift is too small to make a difference, especially now.

Will you please make your best gift today to help us reach our goal of $100,000?

We receive applications for financial assistance constantly. Families reach out seeking help in purchasing equipment, supplies, therapy, etc. We would love nothing more than to fulfill every application that we receive but to do that, we need your help now. Below are a list of needs we currently have for families who have submitted applications and are awaiting our ability to assist them.

Will you please help us say "yes" to continuing to provide much needed services and financial grants?


Specialized Stroller - $600

Counseling- $1,000

Hippa Therapy - $1,200

Toilet Chair - $1,200

Speech Therapy - $2,000

Adaptive Bikes - $4,571

Stair Lift - $4,585

Adaptive Vehicles - $5,000

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy - $5,000

Daily Living Expenses - $5,000

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