A single bid can be placed as a one time bid for any amount. Once you are out bid you will no longer be the highest bidder on that item. You will be notified when you are outbid.

An auto bid can be placed and set at the maximum amount you are willing to spend for that item. With Auto Bid, our system will place your bid at the minimum amount needed to lead (win the item). When you are outbid, our system will bid automatically for you until your maximum is reached. You will then be notified when you are finally outbid.

How to Place a Single Bid: 

Once you have completed a registration on the campaign, you will receive the welcome text message, linking you to the items to browse, bid or buy.

  • Click on the Blue link in the Welcome text to be directed to the Items page.
  • View Items by category or search by Item number or name.
  • Click the item of interest to view the description as well as the current bid and or price.
  • The system will auto-populate the bid amount based on the set increment for the item.Choose to bid at the set amount or higher.
  • Click Bid.

How to Place an Auto Bid:

Allow the system to automatically bid up to a designated amount for you. The system will bid incrementally up to the amount designated as long as someone else places a bid against you. If no one bids against your Auto Bid, the price remains the same.

  • Click the item of interest
  • Click the Auto Bid Tab
  • Enter in the maximum amount you would like to bid
  • Click Bid.


  • When two bids are placed for the same amount, the bid placed first based on the timestamp wins. Timestamps are set when the initial bid is placed, for auto bids this is when a maximum was set not when the system prompted the bid to win.
  • You will be notified via text when you are outbid IF you have your phone number entered in the registration system.