Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in a wine basket? 

The wine baskets include three bottles of wine from local vineyards and photo booth props so that you can take pictures and share with us! The price is $200 and includes a $50 donation. We will deliver to any address in King County and can ship to anywhere in Washington. 

Are wine basket purchases tax deductible?

Yes, part of your wine basket purchase is tax deductible. Wine basket's fair market value is $150 with $50 as tax deductible.

When does the silent auction open? 

The silent auction opens on August 20! Once you are registered for the event, you can bid on items all week ahead of the event. The silent auction will close at 7:15PM on August 27. As people bid on auction items, you will get a text message every time you are outbid! 

When does the wine auction open? 

The wine auction will open the day of the event on August 27 starting the moment the clock strikes midnight. The wine auction is only available on event day! It will close at 7:30PM. 

When does the live auction start?

The live auction will happen during our program on August 27 at 6:30PM! Make sure not to miss it! Keep in mind, there may be a lag between the video and the bidding so don't wait until the last minute to place your bid.

How will I get my auction items after the event? 

We will be reaching out to all of the auction winners the day after the event to coordinate delivery or pick up. We will ship auction items anywhere in the United States, but can only ship wine within Washington State. 

What is the role of a Virtual Table Captain?

Table Captains are "community connectors" who are passionate about the mission of Bailey-Boushay House, and want to get their friends and families involved in strengthening our community by supporting individuals and families who are transitioning out of homelessness.

Your role as a Virtual Table Captain is to invite guests to 'attend' the August 27 Swirl event through their computer or other mobile devices, and ask them to join you and others in making a gift to Bailey-Boushay House at a level that feels comfortable for them.

How do I check-out?

You will receive an email with the link to check-out after the event. Click on the link, review your purchases and complete your payment. At any time during the event, you can go to the "Pay" page to review all your purchases and check-out.

How can I add or change my credit card information?

Go to the "My Info" page and click on "Add Card on FIle" and follow the steps.

When will I receive my tax receipt?

All tax receipts will be sent out in the mail within 2 weeks after the event.

How can I collect my auction items?

Winners will receive an email with instructions to collect auction items after the event.

Can I make alternate payment arrangements?

Please email our Support Team with all your details and we will get back to you. Please do not enter account information in the email. If paying by a different card, you can update the card on your profile and self-checkout (see steps above).

Can I split my payment between different payment types?

Yes, once you have selected the "Begin Checkout" and "Make a payment" buttons. Click "Edit" next to the balance and enter the amount you wish to pay for the first payment type. Once the first payment has gone through, repeat the check out process with your alternate credit card.


How do I participate in the event?

You can participate using your computer web browser or via your phone. You can watch the event via any device that has a browser and can stream video, e.g. Smart TV. Here are some helpful guides.

Participate using a browser

Participate using texting

Do I have to register to watch the live stream event?

You can watch the event without registering or signing into the site. However, you will need to register or sign in if you intend to make a bid or make a donation.


How can I get technical assistance using the site?

Please send a detailed email of what you're trying to do to our Support Team and somebody will get back to you.

Why are some buttons not working on the site?

The event site does not work well with Internet Explorer. We encourage you to use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Safari to have the best experience while on the site. 

Why am I receiving a service denied message when I text something to 76278?

Please make sure that the keyword you're sending is formatted correctly. If you continue receiving an error, it is possible that your service provider has blocked messages from short 5-digit numbers. Please call your carrier to activate the ShortCode Text or Premium SMS service. Or you can continue enjoying the event using your browser.


If you need any other help or are still experiencing errors, please email our Support Team.