About Audrey and Frank Peterman


Audrey and Frank Peterman are advocates for the protection of Nature and providing opportunities for all people to enjoy its benefits. They have a combined total of 50 years' experience connecting people to the land while drawing attention to disparities in access and representation. By working at the local, state and national levels the Petermans have helped break barriers and make the environmental and outdoors space more inclusive.

Frank served as the Southeast Regional Director for The Wilderness Society (2003-2010) and on multiple boards including Duke University's Nicholas School of Environment Board of Visitors.

Audrey served five three-year terms on the Board of Trustees of the National Parks Conservation Association beginning 2001 and multiple terms on the board of the Association of Partners for Public Lands, rebranded the Public Lands Alliance.

The Petermans have published three books communicating their experiences on public lands and in the conservation sector, beginning with Legacy on the Land: A Black Couple Discovers Our National Inheritance and Tells Why Every American Should Care (2009); Our True Nature: Finding a Zest for Life in the National Park System, (2012) and most recently Audrey published her life story in "From My Jamaican Gully to the World," showing how her childhood in Jamaica prepared her for her life's work.

The Petermans offer consulting, training and speaking services through the Diverse Environmental Leaders Speakers Bureau (www.delnsb.com) which they founded in 2014.