BronxWorks Emergency Fund

March 24, 2020 - January 31, 2021

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The BronxWorks Emergency Fund helps some of the most vulnerable communities in New York City during the COVID-19 crisis.

Please make a gift of any amount to help BronxWorks provide essential services to Bronx residents with the greatest need: the homeless, children, seniors, immigrants, and individuals with significant health challenges.

The BronxWorks Emergency Fund strengthens BronxWorks resources as we provide vital, front line services to the poorest and most vulnerable neighbors during this crisis.


Your generosity helps to support our frontline staff, as we continue to live our mission and help our Bronx neighbors, particularly at-risk populations and distressed communities. Now more than ever our work is essential to the community as we all face an unprecedented crisis. The demand for BronxWorks programs and services continues to grow during this pandemic. Our communities face extraordinary hurdles and the uncertainty of long-term financial challenges during this global economic crisis.


No act of generosity is too small to make a difference.


We need your help NOW. Join BronxWorks! We call on all people of goodwill to support the work of dedicated BronxWorks staff. Please make a gift today.

To purchase items for programs in need visit our Emergency Needs list on amazon click here.

Click here to view our playlist that features videos that highlight how our programs continue their work and support the Bronx community remotely.




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