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This year we are celebrating the work of our project partner Cynthia Coredo, whose visionary leadership launched a vocational training program for marginalized women in some of the poorest slums of Nairobi. With an initial $509 grant from World Connect in 2017, Cynthia trained 15 women in entrepreneurship, cooking and baking, and work-based learning. Nine went on to full-time jobs after training, earning an average of $100/month, 2x higher than the average income for women in Kenya. 


With a second investment of $9,050 in 2019, Cynthia was able to scale up her success and trained 95 women. Over 50% gained full-time employment immediately following the training, earning an average of $120/month. Additionally, 9 of the participants have launched their own businesses. This second grant also allowed Cynthia to open a hot food kiosk to provide practical training for the women and to generate revenue to sustain the project for future participants.


Cynthia's project is the only vocational training program in the area that serves young women without a high school education. Her project also secures internships for every participant with employers who can offer future job placements. These women now have a source of income to sustain their own basic needs and to provide food, schooling, and shelter for their families. With a small investment from World Connect, Cynthia has been able to immediately improve the lives of over 300 people in her community.


After visiting Cynthia's project in 2019, World Connect learned how quickly the fates of women can change with basic job and skills training. We salute Cynthia's vision to lift and improve the lives of women and look forward to celebrating her achievements at the 2020 World Connect Benefit Dinner!


World Connect discovers hidden potential and makes direct investments in grassroots leaders best positioned to drive self-sustaining progress in their communities. Our investments in locally-led development have lifted 1M+ people across 1,600+ communities worldwide with better health, a more stable environment, expanded access to education, especially for girls, and new economic opportunity.

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