Wildlife Center of Virginia Annual Gala

November 07, 2020 7:30 - 9:00 pm

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Bald Eagle ($10,000)

Dale & Sara Bateman

Sonjia Smith


Black Bear ($5,000)

Ursus & Ursa


Bobcat ($2,500)

Mr. & Mrs. Cecil B. Armstrong

Copper Range Photography

Kat Imhoff & Jeep Moore

Cyndi Perry & Rick Sayers

Marian Urnikis & Joe Ahlgren



Peregrine ($1,000)

Dorothy Bohatch

Lee Campbell

Leroy & Cora Collins

Laura Darling

Lila Davis

Richard Evans

Janet Hensley & Peter Coppolino

Karen & Paul Laski

Mr. Richard S. Luckett & Ms. Sharon Logan

Barbara J. Melton

Mary Jane F. & Jeanne F. Moeller

Julie Barron Morrill

Emily Ott

Paula Rabkin

Jeanne Saunders

Phillip & Christina Updike 

Linda J. Vetter

Mr. & Mrs. R.T. Whitman



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The Wildlife Center of Virginia
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Kestrel ($500)


Wayne & Jody Boswell

Susan Boyd & Bruce Schmid

Debbie & Stormy Carter

Rebecca Cripe

The Duffy Family Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony M. Ficarra

Jane & Bruce Greyson

Harris Machine Products, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. W.C. Johnson

Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Mandrick

Jan & Dave Mangun

Mr. & Mrs. John Matherly

MaryŠ Rowan

Mr. & Mrs. James Skluzak

Diane Giangrande Stallings

Katherine & Mary El Vaughan

Ann & Chris Willms

Catherine E. Wray & Timothy J. Snider

Erika Yery