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1st Tee
Banecker Fr. Eric JJ White 32 9:00
Glackin Brendan JJ White 27
Glackin Stephanie JJ White 27
Rosenberg Danny JJ White 34

Duffy Kevin Tozour Trane 29 9:10
White Steve Tozour Trane 18
DiLeonardo Tony Tozour Trane 20
Artosky Bill Tozour Trane 14

McNeill Brian Brian McNeill 13 9:20
D'Agnostino Dave Brian McNeill 9
Dallas-Feeney Chris Brian McNeill 12
Connolly Paul Brian McNeill 16

Swanson Kelly Charles Friel Inc 18 9:30
Friel Charles Charles Friel Inc 11
Trimble Michael TD Bank 15
Odrzywolski Taylor TD Bank 15

Holloway Patty Patty & Gary Holloway 25 9:40
Klagholz Eileen Patty & Gary Holloway 25
Forcino Fran Patty & Gary Holloway 24
O'Brien Fr. Dave Patty & Gary Holloway 22

Holloway, Sr. Gary Patty & Gary Holloway 17 9:50
McStarvick Greg Patty & Gary Holloway 13
Helmig Tom Patty & Gary Holloway 9
Devine Rich Patty & Gary Holloway 14

Warner Jonathan Warner Benefits/ HRA 16 10:00
Warner Vicki Warner Benefits/ HRA 16
Elliott Charles Warner Benefits/ HRA 22
Davis Barb Warner Benefits/ HRA 16

McLaughlin Joe Haverford Trust 16 10:10
Wietlisbach Binney Haverford Trust 4
Smith Hank Haverford Trust 7
Allen John Haverford Trust 1

Stiles Rob Haverford Trust 13 10:20
Gaeto Mark Haverford Trust 26
Meshginpoosh Chris Haverford Trust 15
Antonacci Vance Haverford Trust 20

Gillespie Tim Haverford Trust 20 10:30
Eisenschmid Kurt Haverford Trust 13
Dalton Bill Haverford Trust 9
McFadden Jeff Haverford Trust 17

Klauder Paul SEI 14 10:40
Rott Fr. Jeff SEI 36
German Matt SEI 8
Farnsworth Paul SEI 12

Dolan Tim Resicor 14 10:50
McNichol Mike Resicor 18
McClatchy, Jr. Walt Walt McClatchy 11
Walt McClatchy Guest

10th Tee 9:00

Saporito Tom RHR International 14 9:10
Bielecki Tom RHR International 16
Soltis Glenn RHR International 17
Powell Dennis RHR International 17

Flynn Mike Mike Flynn 11 9:20
Malloy Kevin Mike Flynn 2
Mark Andy Mike Flynn 14
Campbell David Mike Flynn 5

Buckley Pat Lindenmeyr 6 9:30
Ceribelli Mike Lindenmeyr 1
Pintof Jeff Lindenmeyr 22
Carpenter Scott Lindenmeyr 20

Ward Pat WSFS 20 9:40
Danna Jim WSFS 21
Reed Michael WSFS 28
Finnegan Sean WSFS 18

Shoemaker Tom JJ White 20 9:50
Elliot Shaun JJ White 11
Garrett Ken JJ White 22
Lukas Raymond JJ White 23

DeCarlo Zachary Serenite Camelback 23 10:00
Boyle Jim Serenite Camelback 26
Keane, Jr. Bill Serenite Camelback 2
Devine Jay Serenite Camelback 19

Curry Tom Tom Curry 26 10:10
Halfpenny II Bernie Tom Curry 14
Halfpenny Jr. Bernie Tom Curry 12
Dwyer Bob Tom Curry 26

Dailey Fr. Tom Father Tom Dailey 18 10:20
Quinlan Jim Father Tom Dailey 8
Salmon Jack Father Tom Dailey 21
Lavelle Frank Father Tom Dailey 18

Caniglia Nick NE Exec Abstract 20 10:30
Caniglia Nicole NE Exec Abstract 28
Cappelli Vince NE Exec Abstract 15
Izzi Steve NE Exec Abstract 17

McKendrick Steve Steve & Eva McKendrick 10 10:40
McKendrick Eva Steve & Eva McKendrick 15
Coffey Barb Steve & Eva McKendrick 13
Coffey Tom Steve & Eva McKendrick 13

Chung Father Msgr. Beach 32 10:50
Cassidy Jerry Msgr. Beach 24
Tobin Mark Seminarian - Genuardi 2 18

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Haverstick Rich Rich Haverstick 14 1A
Beach Msgr. Francis Rich Haverstick 18 1A
Cunningham John Rich Haverstick 18 1A
Graham Dr. Mark Rich Haverstick 18 1A

Schoeller Mark Conrad O'Brien 10 1B
Centrella Nick Conrad O'Brien 25 1B
Medina Steve Conrad O'Brien 22 1B
Ager Jacquelyn Conrad O'Brien 25 1B

Ewell Ken Graham Company 20 2
Ewell John Graham Company 23 2
Graham Company 2
Graham Company 2

Vassallo Rich Richard Vassallo 17 3
Harrington Bob Richard Vassallo 2 3
Moyher Jeff Richard Vassallo 7 3
Willis Andrew Richard Vassallo 13 3

Burgoyne Tom Morgan Properties 36 4A
Roken Jeff Morgan Properties 26 4A
Quigley Owen Morgan Properties 36 4A
Roken Andrew Morgan Properties 14 4A

Yanko Alex KPMG 9 4B
Addy Jon KPMG 15 4B
Aulette Andrew Seminarian - Peco (1) 15 4B
DiMassimo Steven Seminarian - Infovisa (1) 20 4B

Rose Joe Joyful Films 17 5
Lutz Jim Joyful Films 9 5
Rogliano Dr. Vince Joyful Films 10 5
Celona Ray Joyful Films 19 5

Moreira Carlos Carlos Moreira 25 6A
Leibfreid Chris Carlos Moreira 24 6A
Fluehr Joseph Carlos Moreira 11 6A
Switzer Alan Carlos Moreira 25 6A

Williamson Harry Culinart Group 20 6B
McGill Dan Culinart Group 17 6B
Pellichero Michael Local Union 456 15 6B
Martiak Wayne Local Union 456 17 6B

Merlini Mark Mark Merlini 18 7
Merlini Mary Mark Merlini 32 7
Moriarty Peter Mark Merlini 22 7
Moriarty Maris Mark Merlini 40 7

Weaver Wayne Liberty Mutual 36 8
Reimer Paul Liberty Mutual 36 8
Donovan Neil American Global 15 8
McMullen Jim American Global 12 8

Chieffo Msgr. Ralph Jerry Francesco 30 9A
Francesco Jerry Jerry Francesco 36 9A
Mielcarek Eileen Jerry Francesco 30 9A
Graham Steve Jerry Francesco 25 9A

Monihan Neil Utility Line Services 18 9B
Ashburn John Utility Line Services 18 9B
Nushburn Ed Utility Line Services 20 9B
Beebe Larry Utility Line Services 22 9B

Fenningham John John Fennington 11 10
Kent John John Fennington 20 10
Mahoney John John Fennington 14 10
Hand, Jr. Joe John Fennington 22 10

Michie Doug Doug Michie 10 11
Michie Dave Doug Michie 22 11
Doug Michie 11
Doug Michie 11

Avrigian Mason Post & Schell 20 12
Logan Paul Post & Schell 22 12
Marano Michael Marano Electric 14 12
DeSimone Augustus Seminarian - Schnader 16 12

McAlee Stephen Essent Guaranty 15 13A
Manning Chris Essent Guaranty 20 13A
Grandieri Dan Essent Guaranty 11 13A
Callahan Jake Essent Guaranty 23 13A

McAlee Larry Michele - Larry McAlee 22 13B
Meehan Joe Michele - Larry McAlee 19 13B
Curran Chris Michele - Larry McAlee 23 13B
MacIntyre Bryan Michele - Larry McAlee 15 13B

Bellew Sean Alvin Clay Financial 22 14
Clay Alvin Alvin Clay Financial 25 14
Graebe Henry Seminarian - Genuardi 1 11 14
Meinert Thomas Seminarian - Telemet 40 14

Panait Danielle IBC 36 15
Siejak Kimberly IBC 36 15
Collier Kevin IBC 19 15
Schwarz Geoffrey IBC 23 15

Harrison Larry PNC Bank 26 16
Classen Chase PNC Bank 11 16
Edmiston Bob PNC Bank 14 16
PNC Bank 16

Harvey Andre Sodexo 30 17
McLaughlin Mark Sodexo 18 17
Mason William Sodexo 35 17
Pooler Chris Sodexo 30 17

Passehl Geoff McMahon Automotive 30 18A
Lawson Mark McMahon Automotive 15 18A
McMahon Joe McMahon Automotive 32 18A
Megargee Scott McMahon Automotive 18 18A

McGinley, Jr. Patrick Joseph Patrick Publishing 24 18B
Vyzaniaris Pete Joseph Patrick Publishing 24 18B
McGowan Keith American Advisors 17 18B
Benensted Brian American Advisors 11 18B

The 7th Annual St. Charles Borromeo Classic Presented by JJ White will be held on Monday, September 28, 2020 at Philadelphia Country Club and Gulph Mills Golf Club. The proceeds from this charitable event will go directly to support the formation of our seminarians. This event will feature upscale silent and live auctions, including international vacations and access to some of the best private golf courses in the world. The first six events were extremely successful and raised well over 2.1 million dollars for the St. Charles Seminary!

The Most Reverend Francis P. Kenrick, third Bishop of Philadelphia, founded the Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary in 1832. The initial location of Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary was the home of Bishop Kenrick on Fifth Street in Philadelphia. In 2005, the Anthony Cardinal Bevilacqua Theological Research Center was established at the Ryan Memorial Library. The building was completely renovated in the process. The goal of the St. Charles Borromeo Classic & Auction is to continue the growth of our beloved Seminary and allow future Seminarians to continue their studies to become active members of the priesthood.

Schedule - Gulph Mills Golf Club

8:30 - 10:30 Registration

9:00 - 10:50 Golf tee times off 1st & 10th holes

11:00 - 1:30 Lunch (On course)

(At Philadelphia Country Club)
4:00 Cocktail Reception & Silent Auction

4:30 Dinner (Golf casual )

5:00 Live Auction with Kevin Reilly

5:30 Awards Presentation

Schedule - Philadelphia Country Club

9:30 - 10:45 Registration

11:00 Golf shotgun start

11:00 - 1:30 Lunch (On course)

4:00 Cocktail Reception & Silent Auction (Outside on patio)

4:30 Dinner (Outside on patio -Golf casual attire)

5:00 Live Auction with Kevin Reilly

5:30 Awards Presentation

Official Rules (Gulph Mills Golf Club and Philadelphia Country Club)
Format -"Shamble"-Modified Scramble / 1 BB of 4 Gross & Net

Your team is comprised of four golfers and format is a selected tee ball. Each player hits a tee shot, then team selects the ball to play next. Players then play their own ball, placing the ball within one club length and finish the hole using his or her own ball. One low ball gross and one low net score counts for your team score. In this format you receive 50% of your individual handicap. Teams may not win both gross and net prizes.

If a threesome, one team member may hit an additional tee shot on each hole, but you must alternate. (Your best player cannot hit the extra tee ball on each hole). A blind draw will be added to your team as your 4th. Ties will be determined by USGA match of cards beginning with the back nine, back six, back three holes etc.

TEES: WHITE (Men) GREEN (Senior 65+) GOLD (Ladies)

PEBBLE BEACH GOLF VACATION CONTEST (Sponsored by Morgan Properties)
On this long par five hole you will have the chance to win a $8,000 trip to Pebble Beach California including airfare for two, 2 nights at Pebble Beach Lodge and 3 rounds of golf at Pebble Beach, Spyglass & Spanish Bay. Leave your drivers in the bag and let our RE/MAX World Long Drive Finalist hit a 400+ yard drive and improve your chances to win a trip to Pebble Beach and certainly help out your team score!

HOLE-IN-ONE CONTEST (McMahon Automotive)
On this par 3, a hole-in-one wins a 2 year lease of a 2019 Mercedes E300. (Note: Each player gets only one shot to win the Mercedes on the first Hole In One hole they play during their 18 holes)

PRIZES (Sponsored by SEI)
There is 1 low gross and 1 net team prizes for men on each of the three different rotations for men and one low net team for women, plus closest to the pin and long drive contests for each rotation.

All caddies have been paid a base fee. However a $20 gratuity per player would be appropriate.

  • Joe McLaughlin, Chair
  • Regina McLoud, Auction C-Chair
  • Jean Godorecci, Auction Co-Chair
  • John Allen
  • John Barnes
  • Msgr. Francis Beach
  • Bernadette Brokars
  • John Brokars
  • Al Clay
  • Barbara Coady
  • Zach DeCarlo
  • Gina DeColli
  • John DelVecchio
  • Tim Dolan
  • John C. Fenningham, Esq.
  • Mike Flynn
  • Bud Hansen
  • Michael Hughes
  • Tim Gillespie
  • Steve Izzi
  • Aileen Kain
  • Jack Kelly
  • Paul Klauder
  • Frank Longo, III
  • Tom Lynch
  • Larry McAlee
  • Mark Merlini
  • Kathy Morris
  • Theresa Murtagh
  • Dr. Thomas J Saporito
  • Kevin Scanlon
  • Theresa Sica
  • Patrick Ward
  • Jon Warner
  • James White IV

Hosted By

St. Charles Borromeo Seminary
Questions? Please contact Kevin Scanlon

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