Join the East Ridge Community in extending our Pandemic Pajama Party fun with some quick and easy family challenges.  Simply select what challenges you'd like to take on, choose your players and record your attempts with with a photo or video.  Then, this is optional of course, upload your minute-to-win-it evidence (either your rousing successes or epic failures) to our event Facebook page for everyone to enjoy! 



Cookie Face

Supplies needed: Oreo cookies (or any cookie with similar shape/weight)

How to Play: Place a cookie on each player's forehead. Who can move the cookie to their mouth without using their hands first/fastest?


Cheerios And Spaghetti

Supplies needed: dry spaghetti and a handful of Cheerios

How to Play: Transfer as many Cheerios as possible from one side of the room to the other using only a dried piece of spaghetti held in the mouth. Players can string Cheerios onto the spaghetti before holding the edge in their mouth and gingerly walking across the room.


Cotton Ball Scoop

Supplies needed: spoons, 20 cotton balls and a plastic bowl
How to Play: Sprinkle cotton balls on a table around a centrally located bowl. Give a player a spoon and have them place the handle in their mouth. The player a minute to scoop cotton balls and put them in the bowl using only the spoon in their mouth.


Stack the Dice

Supplies needed: 6 dice, wide popsicle sticks or tongue depressors
How to Play: The object of the game is to stack six dice on a popsicle stick while holding it in the mouth. The player who completes the task first wins!


Blown Away

Supplies needed: 10 plastic cups, uninflated balloons
How to Play: Stack those cups back into a pyramid. During a player's turn, blow up a balloon, aim it at the pyramid and then let it go. How many cups did you knock over? Keep going until the minute is up.


Roll-On, Buddy

Supplies needed: potato or onion
How to Play: Try to roll a potato, sweet potato, or onion across the floor from one side of the room to the other.. using only your nose.


Look, Ma, No Fingers

Supplies needed: oven mitts and wrapped candy
How to Play: Have players wear oven mitts and unwrap candy. Whoever can unwrap the most candy in a minute is the winner.


Taller Tallest Tower

Supplies needed: 20 disposable cups and 4-6 paper plates each
How to Play: Given 20 empty cans and 4-6 paper plates each, who has the tallest tower at the end of a minute?


One-handed Bracelet
Supplies needed: pipe cleaners and Cheerios 

How to Play: Everyone has one minute to thread Cheerios or Fruit Loops onto a pipe cleaner using only one hand. Next, can they fasten it around their wrist?


5-minute Pandemic Pajama Challenge

Supplies needed: a roll of toilet paper, tape and your favorite stuffed animal

How to Play: This is the only challenge that is longer than a minute! Using only toilet paper and tape, create a new pair of pajamas for your favorite stuffie!


The majority of this content came from the article "40 Fun And Easy Minute To Win It Games For Kids Everyone Will Enjoy."