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In addition to supporting our children today, we want to ensure our ability to be there for children in 2040 and beyond. With an eye toward the future, the amount of $20 at each gift level will be put to use building our financial reserves.

RAC 2020

You are Essential

Thank you for visiting the Virtual Orchid AAFAir. We acknowledge that this is an incredibly unsettled and difficult time for not only our St. Louis community, but for the entire world. However, our mission of saving the lives of children who lack proper health insurance is not a priority only during prosperous times. In fact, the respiratory virus, COVID-19, makes that need even more urgent. The last thing we need today is for a child suffering from asthma or allergies to be in a hospital emergency room. Every dollar raised here through Rescue A Child donations, the online auction, and the Golden Ticket Raffle goes directly to provide life-saving medications and equipment to children from low-income families suffering from asthma and allergies. We are only as strong as our community of supporters. We thank you immensely from the bottom of our hearts for visiting!

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