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We'll be posting a new virtual lesson about the work of DC Prep each day the week of the Virtual Bash! 

Check back each day, October 5th-9th, to see the new lesson. You can view our online program here.

Make it Work Monday
Talent Tuesday 
Wellness Wednesday 

Take a Stand Thursday
Future Friday

(Extra credit will also be available!)



Donate Now

Help DC Prep provide high-quality distance learning and supplies, mental wellness programs, and additional supports to our 2,000 students and 600+ alumni.

Our donation levels are as follows:

$25,000 - Build Strong Connections
$10,000 - Build the Future
$5,000 - Build the Supports
$2,500 - Build the Imagination
$1000 - Dean's List
$500 - Honor Roll
$100 - Fill a Backpack

$150,000 Goal


Total Donations


You have the power to:

$25,000: Build Strong Connections
Our Preppies need technology, not only to learn, but to connect with their fellow classmates, teachers, and our support staff, no matter where they are. Your gift will provide Chromebooks, hotspots, and technical support for an entire classroom to use both within the school and throughout our distance learning efforts.

$10,000: Build the Future
The PrepNext team supports our 600+ alumni every step of the way - from 8th grade graduation through college. Your gift to the "persistence fund" will keep our kids on track by targeting the barriers (application and test fees, transportation, books, inadequate financial aid) that can derail them.

$5,000 - Build the Supports
14% of our students are homeless or live in transitional housing. Your gift will ensure they have multiple changes of uniforms, cold weather clothing and accessories, backpacks, supplies, and books to help them throughout the school year.

$2,500 - Build the Imagination
Our early childhood students thrive in centers, where they rotate between different stations, each designed to help them learn new skills. Your gift will provide them with at-home centers kits to help with dramatic play, phonics, basic math concepts, and storytelling skills.

$1,000 - Dean's List 
Given the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, our students will not be able to access as many parts of the classroom to build their social-emotional learning. The Dean's List level helps to provide wellness kits for students including stuffed animals, books, and resources on managing emotions and stress.

$500 - Honor Roll
Books help to build our students' imaginations, give them stories to connect to, and help them develop strong reading skills. The Honor Roll level helps to provide diverse, grade level-appropriate books for a classroom of students, which we distribute both from our schools for distance learning and include as part of classroom instruction.

$100 - Fill a Backpack!
When a student has all of the supplies they need, they're reading to tackle the day! This level provides a backpack, extra sets of school supplies, a new book, and snacks for a Preppie in need.

We are DC Prep, and we're ready to begin SY20-21!

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