Mistletoe Project

Mistletoe began in 2016 as a casual Holiday party in the East Village, aimed at providing an opportunity to connect with friends, while supporting great causes. Since 2016, through expanding our network and drastically furthering our reach, we've successfully donated over $65,000 to different organizations. Ultimately, our mission is to connect individuals and support local causes in order to better our community.

This year we've partnered with Candlelighters NYC and we look forward to continuing our tradition and raising the bar even further at Mistletoe 2021! 

Since 2007, Candlelighters NYC has been helping kids fighting cancer and their families. Although they are currently supporting around 300 families, Candlelighters NYC is a family and they stay together and connected forever. Kids from all over the world come to New York City to receive the best pediatric cancer treatment available. Candlelighters NYC assists through all stages: discovery, diagnoses, education, treatment, and remission. They provide an emotional support system full of love and comfort throughout the entire journey. They add quality of life to children with cancer by providing them with a fun, positive atmosphere and community to help them feel normal in a situation that is far from that. Candlelighters NYC becomes their New York City Family so that they can just be kids? because kids can't fight cancer alone! The impact of cancer is significant, not only on the health of the child, but across the entire family's emotional & financial well-being. 

Kimmelman Family Foundation