Jacobs Bar Mitzvah Fundraiser

For my bar mitzvah project I chose to support Candlelighters NYC. This organization brought my cousin Lily so much fun, happiness, joy, laughter, and smiles during her time fighting her cancer. 
I really wish my cousin was still here today. I will miss her forever. 
I hope other kids just like Lily can make many fun, special, and happy memories with the help of Candlelighters NYC. 


On Jan 28, 2022  Lily would have been 6 and this is my letter to her: 

Dear Lily,

You will always be a piece of my heart. Today I scored my first 3 pointer in 2 years and I know you were right next to me as an angel giving me the power to swish that. Six months ago your little brother Lee was born and he was named after you!

I visited your grave in August with our families and we all put beautiful stones next to your resting spot that families and friends painted. Some were rainbows, ladybugs, hearts, bees, and lots of others. When Anna was over we watched sing 2.  It was so good and I know your spirit was laying next to us while we were watching. You were also partying with us when the movie ended. Today is your 6th birthday!

I know your watching me write this letter to you. Your sister Anna has gotten so big ! You wouldn't believe it!  Right now you are probably a lady bug sitting on mama and papas balcony. And the other half your spirit is in our home. I remember you always loved our pool even though you were scared of it at first, you took one little dip and the pool became your favorite. 
Lily, you are the happiest angel I have ever seen. You've always had that cute little smile on your face. I will always love you and have a section of my heart just for you. Happy 6th Birthday

Love cousin Jacob





Jaime Cohen
Ira Wolfman
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Stacey Galowitz
Suzanne Nissenblatt
Elizabeth Gershon
Stacey Klompus
Debbie and Howard Neuschatz Glaser
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