Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I participate in the auction?

Register online! Click the 'Register Now' button on the auction homepage and fill out your bidder information. Create a password, check the boxes for terms and conditions and text messages (you will want to be notified about items your bid on), and then just click 'Create my GiveSmart account'!

Or, if you already have a GiveSmart account, simply click to register and log into your existing account.

Do I have to use a phone to bid or can I participate using my computer?

You can participate in the auction from a computer, tablet, or phone, it's up to you! Just sign in to your GiveSmart account, click "items" to view the auction and start bidding. You can filter these by type of item by clicking the 'categories' button.

Click the item you'd like to bid on, then enter your bid in the open text field (make sure it is higher than the current minimum amount) and click "bid". If you have opted in to receive text messages, you will receive a text if you are outbid.

Can I view items before deciding if I want to bid?

Yes!  Starting on 9/13/2020, you will be able to click "items" at the top of this page and preview our fabulous auction items.  Wine and spirits will not be able to be viewed until 9/18/20.

Will you need my credit card information?

Yes, a credit card number will be required to bid.

I'm not very tech-savvy, will I have a hard time participating?

We don't think so. The bidding platform is very user-friendly and will walk you through the entire process. 

If I win, how will I get my items?

If you win an item in the auction, we will contact you to determine how you will receive your item(s). Some items will qualify to be emailed or mailed to your home, others will require you to schedule a pick up time.  Pick up times will be Monday-Thursday, 12-5pm at Cork and Glass - 5670 Atlanta Highway-STE A2-Alpharetta.  Please be patient as pick-up arrangements could change based upon local COVID-19 restrictions. Thank you for your understanding. If you have a question, please contact


How does Checkout Work?

 Click the PAY tab to pay your balance at any time.

A text with the link to pay will also be sent to all users with a balance on file at the end of the auction.

Any unpaid balance will be charged to the card on file beginning 9/21/2020 at 12 pm EST. Email to arrange alternate form of payment before that time.

What if I can't use my item because of COVID-19?

Funds raised through this event are critical for our continued operation, so consideration of a fully tax-deductible donation in lieu of an auction item purchase would be gratefully received. When possible, we work to extend redemption deadlines or provide replacement items or tickets. Otherwise, if your item is impacted by COVID-19 in a way that makes it unusable, you will be refunded the full amount of your purchase.

How long is the virtual gala?

The virtual gala is one hour!

How do I pickup my curbside meals?

Once tickets are purchased information will be sent for pickup times for your meals at Casa Nuova Italian Restaurant at 5670 Atlanta Highway- STE A1 - Alpharetta.

What if I cannot pickup my curbside meals the day of the gala?  Can it be picked up on another day?

Yes! Any curbside meals can be picked up within 2 weeks of the gala by contacting Maria Fundora at 678-429-6297 or Janice Chalovich at 470-509-5229 X501 at least 2 days before the gala and letting us know your requested pickup day and time. Pickup times would be Monday-Saturday from 4pm-6pm once confirmed.

If I have purchased a curbside meal and have food allergies can changes be made to my food?

Yes! Anyone who makes any food allergies known at ticket purchase will receive a modified meal to fit any dietary restrictions. Please be sure to answer the question on allergies upon ticket purchase. 

If I don't live in the Atlanta area, what can I do to support the event?

You can always make a donation by clicking on the Donate button on the home page or participate in the auction only by registering on the 'Register Now' button on the homepage.