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Hello PSA community,

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, Preschool of the Arts has decided to postpone our gala indefinitely. This is an event that our community looks forward to each year, and we are devastated that we need to cancel the event in response to the crisis. The truth is that this event is much more than just a party - multiple families in our community depend on the success of this event to continue their enrollment at our school. The notion that Preschool of the Arts is a community of affluent families is false and the basic functioning of our school depends on these fundraising efforts.

Ticket sales have been suspended. For anyone who has already purchased their ticket, we would be happy to refund your ticket price, but we ask that you consider donating the cost of your ticket to the event. With purchases we've already made, including non-refundable deposits, we have already invested over $5,000 in this event. Our current ticket sales cover those expenses, with a little excess for ticket-purchasers who would like their money returned. If you planned on purchasing your tickets, but didn't do it yet, you can still donate if you're compelled to. 

We realize a fundraiser is the last thing on anyone's mind right now, but the hard reality is that especially in these uncertain times our school is still dependent on income that we receive through the gala every year. We cannot tell you how much we appreciate your support as we work through this time together.

With love,

Your PSA Gala Friends


The artwork for our marketing material this year was created by our youngest classroom, the Silver Room. The toddlers have been investigating paint through an introduction to traditional and non-traditional media. One day, the children were presented cedar sprigs and pinecones as watercolor implements. Children of this age (22-24 months) are exploratory in their mark-making, and experimenting with diverse materials helps them cultivate a deeper understanding of the medium. The children showed a preference for using the pinecones, which held more of the paint, and enjoyed swiping, dotting, and going in circles with them. Read the full story on our website!



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