Shoes reviewed by Shoe Judges Mary Ellen Brown of The Witch & The Wardrobe 
and our sponsor, Tracey French of Ambassador Services, Inc.




  Mary Ellen Brown is a stylist and personal shopper in Baltimore
and Washington, DC. She has 25 years of extensive retail experience
and a proven track record of wardrobing with clients returning
to her season after season.


After college, Mary Ellen completed Macy's Executive Training Program in
New York City. She was introduced to the Baltimore area in 2001 when she
opened and managed J McLaughlin for 3 years. Her talents were called into
action again at Saks Fifth Avein Washington, DC where she grew her
customer and client base.


She started hercompany The Witch and The Wardrobe 10 years ago and
has infused style and hard work to transform closets from
New York to Florida! 

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