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An uncharacteristic drop in donations has left us with a $100,000 funding gap. We are at risk of turning away families in crisis and may need to disrupt or discontinue services for current clients.


This holiday season, we have much to be thankful for. We are celebrating 35 years of Lifting Up Our Neighbors to Thrive, we were awarded Non-Profit of the Year by the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce, and we have helped more than 7,000 families in our community who were struggling.

We are also very thankful to all of you who have supported us in achieving these accomplishments. However, we still urgently need your help. This year, we have experienced an uncharacteristic drop in donations and it has left us with a $100,000 funding gap.

What does this mean for Britepaths and the families who come to us for help? We are at risk of not being able to help as many households or at the same level we've been able to provide. In addition to turning away families in crisis, we may need to disrupt or discontinue services for current clients.

We can't do the work we do without your help. If it's in your heart and budget to give for the first time or in addition to what you've already given this year, please make your gift before December 31st to help us meet the need. Sharing this message with your family, friends and colleagues also goes a long way in helping us eliminate the funding gap we are facing.

Donate Now or send a check to Britepaths at 3959 Pender Drive, Suite 200, Fairfax, VA 22030 by December 31st.


Thank You for your incredible generosity and your heart for helping struggling families in our community.

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