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Happy Holidays!
As we all wind down this week and celebrate "thanks and giving" with our family and friends, we wanted to kick-off our Prescott Mosaic Fundraising Campaign with some amazing news! Principal Roche has secured a commitment from an anonymous donor to match up to $7,500 that will go towards the design and creation of a new mosaic!

What does this mean exactly? It's simple - if we raise $7,500 between now and January 2020, this wonderful donor will match it!

For many of us, the "We are the authors of our lives" mosaic was the symbol of transition and inspiration. The design carried us through some very difficult times and many exciting adventures. The beautiful colors and sparkling mirrors were visible from Ashland and highlighted Prescott as a beacon of academic excellence. Unfortunately, the artwork had to be removed during badly needed improvements to the school's brickwork last summer.

The full scope of this tile mosaic is extensive. It will involve 4 phases of work over a 3-year span of time and cost thousands of dollars. Our hope is that this initial $15,000 will allow us to start the design process and possibly begin Phase I this winter! As many of you may remember, this is a project that involved Prescott students from design to execution - they will be so excited to play a role in bringing back the beauty! 

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