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2 Magnetic Water Molecule Kits
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The Science Department needs 2 Magnetic Water Molecule Kits. Students will use these kits to model properties of water, in addition to learn how water compares and interacts with other compounds (2 @ $279.95 each).

As of 5/14/21, $280 of the $560 needed has been funded.

Each 6 cup set includes 12 water molecules, one sodium, one chloride, one ethane and one hydroxyl group. The embedded magnets in the atoms reflect the correct positive or negative charges to give students hands-on experience in molecular attraction or repulsion.

Studying water concepts requires a great thirst for knowledge. Students can feel the various strengths of hydrogen, covalent and ionic bonds, explore the water cycle, and even make ice. Molecular models help students investigate differences between molecular adhesion, cohesion and capillary actions and enable students to demonstrate surface tension, evaporation, condensation and solubility.