Auction Rules

BIDDING: Your bid, oral or that which is shown with your bidder information, constitutes a legal contract to buy. Please give thought to your bidding. The last name with its accompanying bid is the winning bid.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL: All sales are final. There will be no exchanges or refunds on items once purchased unless otherwise specified. Auction items are not redeemable for cash.

PAYMENT: Payment must be made by the successful auction bidders and MUST be made at the time designated for Auction checkout.  MasterCard, Visa, American Express or Discover cards are acceptable forms of payment.

ITEMS NOT CLAIMED: If the item is not picked up from AUM within (7) working days of the auction or arrangements made, the item may go to the next bidder. 

OUT OF TOWN SALES: If the bidder lives outside the DFW area and purchases an item that needs to be shipped, they will be charged for freight costs.

PROBLEM RESOLUTION: Contact Suraiya Culp at 832-425-8300 or via email

TRAVEL AND ACCOMODATIONS: Airfare included only where specified. Reservations for airfare, auto rentals, hotel rooms, entertainment and services are subject to availability and must be mutually arranged with donors unless otherwise specified. Please contact the donor to advise him/her of your purchase within one month of the auction unless otherwise stated. Holiday and blackout periods may apply.

ITEM EXPIRATION: Please note any special restrictions on gift certificates.

TAX, GRATUITIES AND ALCOHOL: Tax, gratuity and alcoholic beverages are not included in entertainment and dining packages unless otherwise noted.

MINIMUM BIDS: A minimum bid or minimum increase is required. Vocation Ministry reserves the right to remove any item from the auction without notice and change minimum bids as necessary.

EVERYTHING IS "AS IS": All auction items are offered "as is." Auction item descriptions are for the sole purpose of identifying the items, and seller disclaims any express or implied warranties.

SILENT AUCTION: Check your text messages for closing time.

CHECKOUT: The checkout process will begin after auction closes. All items must be removed by the end of the gala by showing a paid receipt or arranged for pickup at Vocation Ministry.

DISPUTES: In the event of a dispute, a Vocation Ministry staff member will determine the winning bidder. The decision will be final.

DECISION: According to the Internal Revenue Service, you may not take a deduction for your purchase unless you have paid more than fair market value, in which case, you may deduct the difference between the price you paid and the fair market value.