When is the Home for the Holidays Virtual Gala?
December 4, 7:00PM - 7:45PM.

It is recommended that you log on to the event 10 minutes early to check your connectivity and perform any troubleshooting.

How long will the event last?
The livestream is scheduled for 45 minutes. Silent auction will close at 9:00 PM on December 4.

How will I watch the event?

The event is available to view on three different platforms:

  1. Facebook - The event will be livestreamed to Presbyterian Night Shelter's Facebook page. You can find the livestream at the top of the page starting 10 minutes prior to event time.
  2. YouTube - The event will be livestreamed to YouTube. The link is: https://youtu.be/dqFAq8FV3MU
  3. Event website - The livestream will be available on the homepage of the event website

I have a smart TV - how do I watch the event?

You have two options that are best for viewing the event on a smart TV.

YouTube App:

  1.  Open the YouTube App (or download if necessary) on your Smart TV.
  2. On the left side of the screen, scroll to the bottom of the menu and select settings.
  3. Under the Link TV & Phone section, you can choose to Link with Wi-Fi or Link with TV Code.
  4. Using your preferred method, follow the instructions on the screen to link your devices.
  5. Once linked, use your phone to access the YouTube specific livestream link (https://youtu.be/dqFAq8FV3MU)

Internet App
1. Access the internet app on your smart TV
2. Type in the event website URL - the livestream will be on the homepage


What does a "two device event" mean?

We encourage you to view the livestream on a smart TV or laptop. Your phone will be used during the event to bid on silent auction items and make in-event donations. Using both devices during the event guarantees the best possible viewing experience!