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Goethe wasn't the only one who could write poetry for Art Songs, and Veuve Clicquot doesn't have to be served with Foie Gras. Turning the expected into the unexpected is what Long Beach Opera does for a living! 

Guests will enter the funky, cheerful music store, Fingerprints, and discover that all the record displays have been moved to the sides to make room to party. Chairs will surround the stage, which is usually filled with local and national bands releasing their albums. But before sitting down to hear some music, guests will nosh on their first course of what else - champagne and french fries! The food and wine will be expertly selected and prepared by our friends at Berlin Bistro, one of Long Beach's most popular cafes. 

After being seated, the musical program will begin with songs from the Grammy, Emmy and Oscar winning composer John Corigliano's song cycle "Mr. Tambourine Man", featuring the lyrics of the iconic Bob Dylan. While the lyrics will certainly be familiar to anyone who lived in the 60's or 70's, the music will change the way you perceive those iconic words. Corigliano, whose music has been featured on the stage of the Met (Ghosts of Versailles) and in the movies (The Red Violin), has a distinctive modern classical voice, and is one of the most revered contemporary composers alive today. But the way his music interacts with some of the most famous lyrics of the 20th century is something that will tickle your senses. 

After more courses of pairings like Mini Burgers & Pinot Noir and Mac-n-Cheese & Sancerre, the audience will hear additional mash-ups in the form of songwriter Gabriel Kahane's "Craigslistlieder." Craigslist personal ads are set to music that is "quirky, funny, and abruptly poignant" (Washington Post) by this 30-something composer, who has quickly gained an international following for his interesting and unusual musical styles. 

You can bet that dessert will be divine as we finish the evening with opportunity drawings and musical mingling, and you may want to browse the offerings at the record store with a snow cone or ice cream cone in hand. 



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