The goal of the SHARP Summer Learning Program is to prevent the learning regression common to urban children during the summer months. The COVID school closures have made reaching these students over the summer more important than ever.

The program serves urban elementary students in 3rd through 6th grade at schools and Community Learning Centers. The program is typically delivered in-person to students at 15 partner sites. Due to current circumstances, we are offering in-person, virtual and blended-learning options to meet the needs of our partners and reach as many students as possible.

Urban Agriculture is offered to sites choosing in-person programming, and draws from SHARP's We Love To Learn book, There Grows the Neighborhood. In Urban Techies - our new virtual curriculum - students explore urban gardening and the fundamentals of coding. An in-person version of this curriculum is also available. Art on the Move is an at-home, STEAM-based mural project. Individual art kits are distributed to students, teaching them math, specifically ratios and data science, as they create their component of the mural which will be joined with others and installed in their community.


Available for in-person learning, the Urban Agriculture program helps students examine the purpose and methods of urban agriculture through the lens of scientists and artists. Using hands-on collaborative activities, such as close looking and art technique exploration, they discover aspects of urban agriculture such as aquaponics, vermicomposting, where food comes from, the conditions urban gardens need for growing food, and how urban agriculture can nourish the neighborhood.


Urban Techies is a virtual STEAM-based experiential curriculum. Students explore the purpose and importance of urban agriculture and the fundamentals of coding. This hands-on exploratory experience allows students to create their own mini-garden boxes with LEGOS and track the growing process/conditions. Through using Code.org, students learn about algorithms, sequencing and loops as they relate to farming and then digitally design their own gardens. The program provides students the opportunity to see firsthand the benefits of urban agriculture. An in-person version of this curriculum is also available.

For Art on the Move, SHARP partnered with local community teaching artist Vedale Hill and several Milwaukee schools and Community Learning Centers, including NeuLife Gwen T. Jackson, NeuLife Brown Street Academy, Neighborhood House, and Messmer Saint Mary on a large-scale community mural project. Approximately 40 students participating in the project will learn about math, specifically ratios and data science, as their individual art works come together to create a mural. By creating a character that is painted with their skin tone and favorite color, custom created by each student, children will see the importance of embracing what makes them unique. When each student's character is added to the community mural, titled Our True Colors, students will see not only what makes them unique as individuals, but what makes their neighbor and the city of Milwaukee a diverse community. The mural will inspire children to think about who they are as opposed to what they are. The mural will be installed in the Bronzeville/Harambee neighborhood.

Boys & Girls Clubs

  • Davis
  • Fitzsimmons
  • Hillside
  • Lavarnway
  • Mardak
  • Mary Ryan


  • Auer Avenue 
  • Doerfler 
  • Hopkins
  • Ow Holmes 
  • Riverwest 
  • Westside

Messmer St. Mary

Milwaukee Christian Center/Forest Home Avenue Community Learning Center

Neighborhood House


  • Brown Street Academy
  • Gwen T Jackson