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Sommelier BlackJack at Calissa

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Sommelier Blackjack: Learn How to "Count Cards" and Beat the House When Dining at a Restaurant

Discover the tips and tricks for ordering wine with James Mallios ( a former comedian) who was described by Decanted as "about a hundred miles from the stereotypical sommelier-a sort of Greek version of Tony Soprano who looks more likely to kneecap you than pour you a glass of wine."

The talk will be held at Calissa in the Hamptons and participants will learn to how identify hidden deals on wine lists and gain insight on what varietals and grapes to avoid, this 30-45-minute presentation works well as a team building exercise. This presentation also includes prizes, a Q&A, and guidance on how restaurants select and mark up wine. Whether a novice or an expert, you'll order better bottles for better prices with confidence.

This package is for up to 20 people in the private room at Calissa and includes wine selected by the Sommelier and light appetizers.