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Eva Henry and Michael K

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Eva Henry grew up in Taiwan the oldest of 3, and came to the states at 21 to attend college. She is mother to 13 yr old Kaitlin, a 7th grader at Collegiate who loves helping out at the Humane Society with her mom, and 15 yr old Christopher who routinely does the ALS walk with mom.

Life Passion

Eva is a neurologist, she's owner of the Age Well Brain Center and she's Medical Director at Opti Life. Her focus is optimizing health over treating disease. She explains that her understanding of therapeutic treatment changed after she was a patient. She was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder while chief resident at San Antonio's University of Texas Health Science Center, later fibromyalgia, insomnia and chronic fatigue were added to her menu. Each specialist she was sent to added new meds which created crippling side effects. She says ultimately depression and anxiety became her long term issues and she found herself not liking the prescriptions she was using. She turned to her fellowship training in Anti-Aging and Regenerative medicine to help her return to a prescription free life and the creation of a holistic program called "Stay Sharp" with a focus on keeping health. That focus ties in well with her additional work at Opti-Life?

She says doctors are trained to write scripts, not take them away- but at a place such as Opti-Life where there is nutrition counseling, exercise, and an overall atmosphere of health- real healing can happen. Eva says she's not a person who loves exercise, but she's drawn in by the smiling faces and atmosphere at Opti-Life and that encourages her. It must! Her main hobby now is Piyo and hot yoga and she's set a goal of becoming a yoga teacher!

The Cause

By dancing for Breakthrough, I want to tell everyone, "Don't ever under estimate your internal power to heal yourself!" Neuroscientists, who put people under functional MRI brain scanners, discover that exercise and thoughts of gratefulness give your brain a dose of serotonin, one of a very vital neurotransmitters that bring you a sense of contentment and happiness. Be kind to yourself, every day!"


While there have been many .. there is only one Eva talks about, voted on by patients- she was named 2017 Top Neurologist


"Life is short- Go have fun!" she laughs.. then.. "or Life is long! Go have fun!"



By the time Michael was teaching professionally, at age 14, he'd already spent years dancing
Mexican Hat dances, Broadway numbers, Square Dances, Round Dances, Country, Jazz, Tap,
Ballet, Modern and Ballroom with Gymnastics and Martial Arts thrown in. He credits the family owned
business in Wellington, The Studio School of Dance and Gymnastics for his early education, and we
haven't even mentioned the music side!
At 15, he was a certified aerobics instructor, by 17 had a variety of dance instruction certifications.
He toured nationally in Grease and 1776 WHILE serving as an infantry paratrooper in the US Army.
In 1985 he toured China as a choreographer, soloist and singer for the first international tour from the
United States, and was privileged to train the Shanghai Ballet in break dancing and American swing.
In 1994 Michael produced 2 shows for PBS. He has continued to teach, compete and train in all
styles of dance and has added certifications in Zumba and Yoga infusing them into Salsa, Argentine
Tango and West Coast Swing.