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Custom Garment at Bluesuits

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Custom Garment at Bluesuits

$2,500 Gift Certificate

Tailored to you! Collaborate with designer Jamak Khazra to create your own fabulous custom garment. Jamak's experience working with high-end clients allows her to translate her customers' wishlist into a collection of classic, sophisticated clothing. Her clients include CEOs of public companies, seasoned executives, TV Anchors, as well as young professionals.

We are honored to display one of Darlene Krenz's past gala dresses, designed by Jamak Khazra herself, at this year's event. Darlene often worked with Jamak to design her clothes, and we are grateful to be remembering Darlene in this way!

Restrictions: If the garment order surpasses $2,500, the client will pay the difference.

Special thanks to Karen Parrella

Donated By Jamak Khazra